Nighthowler (nighthowler_mac) wrote in thewolfpack,


hello All furs. i don't believe i have been in here in a long time. but I am Nighthowler. i well load up my profile here again.

Name: Nighthowler
Age: 22.
Sex: Male.
Location: Indiana
Occupation: Welder.
Marital Status: Single.

My likes: Trucks, gaming, reading furry books and comics, cooking, wine tasting, furry art, fursuits, plushies, Dancing, raves, glow stick, techno, wolves, foxes, anime, collars.

Favorite Quote: *Dont be afraid to show the world who you are.* A Quote from Ricky from A.S.B. that cutey little raccoon

I am just a Back wolf (femme girlyboy). I have some white markings around my muzzle and on my belly and blue eyes. I have been a wolf for 5 years now. The only cons i have been to to date are MFF06. that was my very first fur con. and then there was AC 07.

that is about all i have. nothing more, nothing less.
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